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Published: October 27, 2017

2017 All-Skyway women's soccer team

Moraine Valley's Al Palar won his second straight Coach of the Year Award, while Waubonsee sophomore forward Kayley Garland captured the Player of the Year honors in the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference for women's soccer.

2017 All-Conference Team
Player of the Year

Kayley Garland, Waubonsee

Coach of the Year
Al Palar, Moraine Valley

First Team
M - Mayra Echeverria, So. (Morton College)
M - Brooke Janeczek, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
D - Claire Collevy, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
M - Jillian Steinke, So. (Moraine Valley)
D - Jennifer Warja, So. (Moraine Valley)
D - Samantha Moran, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
GK - Grace Collins, So. (Moraine Valley)
M - Patricia Rzadkozv, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
M - Cristina Silva, Fr. (Prairie State)
M - Lysette Garcia, Fr. (Prairie State)
M - Paulina Gallardo, Fr. (Prairie State)
M/F - Violeta Bravo, Fr. (Prairie State)
D - Diana Lopez, Fr. (Oakton)
M - Stephanie Millan, So. (Oakton)
M - Hanna Shekari, Fr. (Oakton)
M - Sydney Mudd, So. (Lake County)
F - Angelica Mrugula, Fr. (Lake County)
M - Julia Morales, Fr. (Elgin)
M - Briar Schwardt, So. (Waubonsee)
M - Nicole Koczka, So. (Waubonsee)
D - Mallory Wolf, So. (Waubonsee)
F - Kayley Garland, So. (Waubonsee)

Second Team
M/F - Estephany Diego, Fr. (Morton College)
M - Jacklyn Bouma, So. (Waubonsee)
GK - Tanner Prellberg, Fr. (Waubonsee)
D - Kayley Bilotta, Fr. (Waubonsee)
M - Meghan Menzel, Fr. (Waubonsee)
D - Taylor Enders, So. (Lake County)
M - Elizabeth Tovar, Fr. (Lake County)
D - Aide Pastrana, Fr. (Prairie State)
D - Alondra Pastrana, Fr. (Prairie State)
F - Ambrea Gale, So. (Prairie State)
D - Ashley Guerrero, So. (Prairie State)
D - Sylvia Kordaczka, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
D - Edith Benitez, So. (Moraine Valley)
F - Karen Montoya, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
D - Eve Stolzenbach, So. (Moraine Valley)
M - Bedour Elbeitoni, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
M - Abby Tiemersma, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
M - Peyton Trapino, Fr. (Elgin)
D - Andrea Reyes, Fr. (Oakton)
M - Serafina Paulino, So. (Oakton)
M/F - Samridhi Khanal, Fr. (Oakton)